Thursday, November 12, 2015

Redevelop and SAVE the Church of the Holy Innocents

Following up on a post from several months ago, there is a chance to save the beautiful, but seriously endangered Church of the Holy Innocents.  For more information, please see this link:

Redevelopment Listing For Holy Innocents


  1. As for the " development " add; There is
    much uncertaintly behind it. It's obviously
    originating from Hop House and Bishop
    Emikritus Howard Hubbard who fouded it and
    operates it's funding corporation. Hope
    House has acted like they sim;y wanted
    Holy Innocents out of the way ever since
    they got virtually for free in the
    midst of Mike Linehan's bankrupcy
    proceedurs in 1997. They immediatly started demoliish it through neglect. As
    early as 2003, then Hope House c.e.lo
    Paul Farino told me the interiro was
    becoming compromised, but yes he would
    allowed myself and all of the HIsoric Sites Commission a tour of the interior
    Then he postponed it from the date set
    due to theeir Annual Golf Ball benefit.
    Then he put it off more and it never
    haqpped. Then later Hope House solictied
    for takers for the church but with about
    8 takers they were all rejected by
    the next c.eo. Kevin Connors on questioable grounds of " inappropriateness" but bear in mind that
    some were religous groups and public
    interst types. Now this new ad has the
    problem of any respondents being leary of
    dealing with the @ million cited for cost
    of full restoration. Wy that much ? Becouse no one including the City and
    Historic Albany has revealed that the
    entire chancle arch collpsed on May 2nd.
    not just the south east corner. That
    never should have happened and I'm still
    not convineed by the explanations offered. There are rumors of the ground
    sliding in back and that the chancel might have to be denikusged. The other
    version is that there is an intent to
    demolish the entire church. If the chancel only is demolished then the Whole
    place would be removed from the State
    and National Registers and these wouldn't have to be delt with by
    whoever took the nave and all the knaves
    involved would get waht they want. What
    about the rare and unique John Bolton
    windows ? Yes ! John Bolton one of the
    brothers who after setting up their
    stained glass studio in Pelhan in 1842
    designed and produce the first figurative
    stained glass in the U.S. This was for
    Christ Church Pelham and is still carfuly
    prserved there. Look it up on the internet. Now in additon it has just been found that the chancl ceiling is
    magniicently decorated with fine
    stencil work displaying goldne star
    altering with white lilies on a blue
    ground. What to happen to all of this
    and more not yet mentioned. Well theres'
    museums and there are some Episcopal
    churches who might take them. There
    are too many secrets in all of this. and
    the secret meetings at the Mayhor Office
    don't help either. This church neds to
    be preserved with all of it's conmponents
    intact and resored to have any meaning as
    as an Albany treasure and a sacred place.

    John Wolcott

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