Sunday, December 18, 2016

James' Cancer Fight

As those of you who follow either my personal Facebook profile, my Albany Rural Cemetery Facebook page, or Twitter account might know, my partner of eight years has recently been diagnosed with throat cancer and, last week, underwent a temporary tracheostomy to relieve serious breathing problems that occurred as a side effect of the radiation treatments.

I affectionately refer to James as my research assistant though his assistance generally consists of carrying my backpack full of maps and notes, asking if it's time to go home for lunch, or making sure I don't tumble down various hills while taking photos at Albany Rural.

His cancer is in the early stages and, even with setback due to the breathing complications, his prognosis is good.  But this is still an incredibly difficult time for us.  I am acting as his full-time caregiver until he completes his treatments and completely recovers.

More can be read at our GoFundMe page.  If you can contribute or even just share the link, it would be truly appreciated.

James' Cancer Fight on GoFundMe

Thank you and Happy Holidays.


P.S.  I will post some updates regarding the preservation of the Church of the Holy Innocents as time allows.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

An Albany History Society?

There has been an ongoing discussion among people with a passionate interest in Albany's history about the possible formation of an Albany historical society.  Despite the fact that this is the oldest continuously chartered city with over four centuries of recorded history, there is not an actual historical society for Albany itself.  There are many admirable historic entities here, but they all have their specific focus (operation of an individual historic site, preservation of structures, specific ethnic heritages).  The goal would not be to replace existing historical organizations, but to provide a unified voice for those with a passionate interested in protecting, preserving, promoting, and otherwise sharing our long and unique history. 

If you are a Facebook user and would like to join the discussion, please visit the new group:

Unofficial Albany City Historical Society on Facebook