Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Albany Trust Company Building

Crowned with a dome, this ornate building at the northwest corner of State Street and Broadway was the work of Marcus T. Reynolds. 

Reynolds, one of Albany's best-known and prolific architects was commissioned to design the building for the Albany Trust Company in 1902 (the bank itself had been founded only two years earlier).

The building, described as being in a Beaux-Arts Northern Renaissance style, is heavily ornamented with graceful female heads above the windows, eagles which encircle the dome, and a golden orb.  It also has a nod to history with a relief of the North River Steamboat over a door on the Broadway side, though this was a later addition.  The main banking room inside was circular in keeping with the curves lines of the exterior design. 

As newer buildings replaced many of Albany's older structures, this handsome building was a fortunate survivor as modern construction was designed to surround it instead of demolishing it.

For a look an another round-cornered building that stood on the same site prior to the Albany Trust Company, click here.

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