Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Half Moon Sailing Away

Albany has a pretty poor record when it comes to keeping and promoting its history.  Now, there is a good chance that we will lose the Half Moon, the beautiful replica of Henry Hudson's ship which explored this area in 1609.

Replica Half Moon May Move To The Netherlands

It would be a wonderful thing if people could rally around keeping the ship here.  Otherwise, the only Half Moon that we will have left will be the historic weather-vane atop the old D&H Building on Broadway.

For more information on the ship and its activities...or to make a donation...please see their site:

The Half Moon

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  1. Not that it takes away from your point, but there are actually two Half Moon weather vanes in Albany.

    1. You are absolutely correct Ms. Lemire, relative to Albany's track record concerning its treasures -both civic and maritime.

      To date, there has been very little interest in our maritime heritage since the building of the HALF MOON in 1989. Many Albanians, and tourists alike, don't have a clue about our once famous Day Line steamboats, let alone the HALF MOON. Both have been my pursuit for years, especially the latter when I worked with the late Nick Benton designing her topsides and rigging.

      After a quarter century on the river, it will now be another treasure the steamboat; which, I may add, are no models existant in the maritime area of the New York State Museum. So, in essence, can we really embrace our heritage or let it fly to the wind?

      As a partaker of the 1989 build, I am the only member that have a copy of the original plans of the ship. So there will be more than weather vanes existing. There will be models available to keep the ship 'afloat' as a collectible and keepsake for those who truly respect the history.

      Thanks for posting.