Friday, July 27, 2012

The Old Halenbeek Burial Ground

Downtown Albany was once dotted with public, private, and church graveyards.  The earliest churchyard surrounded the First Dutch Church at what is now Broadway and State Street, a Lutheran graveyard stood on South Pearl Street just below State Street, small burying grounds for soldiers from Fort Frederick and for African-Americans were located just outside the stockade not far from today's City Hall.  Later, municipal burial grounds were established on Eagle Street (just south of modern East Capitol Park) and then at State Street (now the northeastern corner of Washington Park). 

There were also small family burial grounds on farms, estates, and privately owned or leased lots.  One such lot - complete with a private vault - was built by merchant David Vanderheyden around 1766 at what is now the northwest corner of Washington Avenue and Swan Street. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Don Rittner - Preserving Albany's Undiscovered City

Above:  Albany's first official seal
This post by Don Rittner is absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in Albany's history and its preservation.

The Albany Preservation Plan (Preserving Albany's Undiscovered City)

Please read it and share it!